Fire Resistant - Schott Pyran S
Schott Pyran S

 PYRAN® fire resistant glazing made of borosilicate is far superior to conventional safety glasses with a soda-lime composition:

  • High ability to withstand temperature differentials: Compared to other products, tempered borosilicate glass withstands temperature differentials much better and can thus be glazed with normal edge cover (15 ± 2 mm).
  • Higher softening temperature: Due to the fact that the glass is self-supporting for over 30 minutes, large panes and relatively basic frame constructions are now possible.
  • Higher viscosity: Due to the low flow behavior that results from the high viscosity of borosilicate glass, longer fire resistance times in excess of 90 minutes can be achieved with more edge cover.
  • No forming of NiS crystals: The chemical composition of borosilicate glass is such that NiS crystals are unable to form. This means a sudden fracture caused by embedded NiS crystals can be ruled out with PYRAN®.

Proven and safe

PYRAN® remains transparent, even under high thermal loads. This ensures vital insight in the case of a fire and makes it much easier to evacuate a burning building safely. Excellent color reproduction and high transmission in the visible and UV range ensure that this increase in security is not achieved at the expense of appearance. It is certainly no coincidence that PYRAN® has been proving itself in airports, hospitals, hotels, industrial buildings, museums, offices, schools, shopping centers, sports facilities and even on cruise ships for decades.

Areas of application



Whether fitted in timber or steel structures, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions in cooperation with system partners develop doors with PYRAN® which are excellently suited and approved for sale in markets outside of Germany*.

*The German building code does not list G (E) doors.


Fire protective glazing is used to prevent fire from spreading vertically and thus to protect neighboring structures from catching fire. ISO PYRAN® S is suitable for all application areas with multi-functional requirements. ISO PYRAN S provides shading as well as thermal and noise protection in conjunction with an original design. In cooperation with system partners, SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH develops designs with PYRAN® that have received international approvals and are ideally suited for use in façades.


Fire protective glazing is used in roofs whenever the goal is to prevent fire from spreading vertically. Because the glass in overhead areas is subject to particular loads, building codes require the use of laminated safety glass in accordance with the technical regulations. ISO PYRAN® S can be used in overhead applications in simple and light structures.


Transparent fire-rated partitions provide protection in case of fire while at the same time allowing day light to flow freely from room to room. Landings to staircases are protected attractively yet effectively. The use of PYRAN® in skylights elegantly combines functionality with aesthetics to allow natural lighting in interiors.

Smoke Screens

PYRAN® is ideal for use in smoke screens in heavily frequented areas such as atria, shopping centers and underground train stations. Systems that use PYRAN® S-P do not need frame constructions at all. This is the result of a perfect symbiosis of glass panes connected to each other by joints that are barely noticeable and point mounts and brackets that secure the glass panes to a strong, but light, supporting structure.


Schott 肖特



 防火玻璃 PYRAN® S




達到 BS6206 A級安全等級



標準厚度為 6mm, 還可提供 8,10,12mm 等不同厚度

較大的單片玻璃尺寸, 3m*1.6m

特有的無框連接系統, 提供大的視野



PYRAN®S 是由肖特位于德國耶拿通過ISO 9001 質量認証的工廠生產。它是世界上唯一的硼硅浮法防火玻璃,它既具有獨特硼硅成份,可以提供大尺寸的玻璃規格,又由於卓越的浮法光學品質提供了無 曲的視覺效果。它並不採用夾絲或夾膠的工藝制作,在任何時候都保持清晰透明的效果即使在受火的情況下。根據不同的防火應用,肖特已經測試了眾多的由世界主要廠家生產的防火框和防火膠與PRYAN®S組成的防火系統。













 針對30分鐘的防火應用,窗框和門框可以採用軟木(最小單位密度為500kg/m3 )和硬木或者兩種材料結合在一起。他們也成功測試了岑木框,這是一種在中國大陸非常普遍的木框材料,在防火隔斷的使用上也不是非常出色。針對60分鐘的防火應用,推薦使用最少密度為650kg/m3 的木框材料。沒有其他的透明鋼化安全玻璃可以達到這樣的時間要求。