Fire Resistant - PYRAN Platinum
PYRAN Platinum

 PYRAN Platinum  /  Fire-Rated  /  Glass-Ceramic

PYRAN Platinum fire-protection rated glazing is made from a transparent glass-ceramic with a thickness of 3/16” (5 mm and 9mm laminated). It is intended for use in non-impact safety locations such as vision panels and windows

Offer up to 180 minutes integrity (E180) fire resistant capability

5mm  /  Max. size 1000 x 1500 (Viewable)  /  Macau Fire Test (E120)

9mm  /  Max. size 1000 x 1900 (Viewable)  /  Macau Fire Test (E120)


General Characteristics

 Specially floats glass-ceramic • Thickness: 5mm

 Transparent and wireless • Weight: 2.5 lbs/ft2

 Withstands thermal shock • True color rendition

 Conforms to positive pressure test standards

 Surface finish: Barely invisible micro-structure

 Suited for use with standard type fire-rated frames

 Environmentally-friendly glass-ceramic

 Can be used to construct insulated glazing units

 Always in stock, stock size: 1100mm x 1960mm